WP Valet turns ONE!

This week marks the One Year Anniversary of WP Valet ! By way of celebration we have decided to go out and buy GIFTS for our clients and friends! Now, before you go running to your mailbox to check for a WP Valet mug or pair of socks, let me explain.

Over the course of the last year we have been paying attention to HOW we work and trying to find ways that help us work SMARTER. I know I’m starting to sound like a 10-min pep-talk, but stay with me. When you start and grow a business things inevitably change and some tools are no longer as useful as they once were. You find bottlenecks and log jams in places where they didn’t exist before. We were caught up in the flow of progress, trying to keep up when all of a sudden:


We quickly realized we were spending too much time and energy using the wrong tools for the tasks were were trying to accomplish.

Fast forward through tons of extra hours testing by Eric, tons of suggestions by Paul, lots of questions by and loads of decision making by Mason, to our current tool-set. We have made the decision to invest in new tools so that we can give our clients and friends better service and relationships. <–  THAT’s our gift to you!

While I’m sure you’d be OH so happy with a new WP Valet Throw Pillow, we thought you might be happier long term with better service and communication from your fave WP people (yes, that’s US!)

Eric will be posting the details on the blog of our technical transitions (we will also have some great posts from the team about their thoughts on the past year!), but in short we have turned to desk.com for our new ticketing software and Do.com as our project management tool of choice. This allows us to streamline the response times and visibility of any tickets that come in from clients or folks who just want to say hello. No one gets lost and we can instantly record any relevant info in our new Salesforce account, so we always recall that time we talked with you about that thing you wanted. 🙂

We strongly feel that our that our success is determined by how well we serve those we interact with everyday. Be it client or new friend, our goal is to build a strong relationship based on productivity and not fluff. Our transition to these new tools (including new time tracking, invoicing, and billing software) are not complete, but we are nearing the finish line, but we’ve already managed the biggest hurdle by recognizing the need to serve you better and acting on it.

Always moving forward, 
Kimberly Lipari
Director, Client Services