5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Build Your Own Website

So you want to build your own website. There are HUNDREDS of services and DIFY (do it for you) setups out there that promise instant websites. Many offer free or very cheap solutions for business owners wanting to toss up a quick online presence. These free sites are great for a quick proof of concept for an idea, or if you just want an instant URL to share with your friends.

However, if you have bigger plans, like actually generating traffic, earning revenue, and running a business—you need to steer clear of these quickie sites. Here are a few reasons why:


“Pop Up” sites reel you in with the latest and greatest website technologies. They offer flashy buttons and oodles of features, which may seem like a good idea when you’re looking at a demo page, but beware. Do your potential visitors WANT all those features?

Better question: Do your potential visitors NEED all of those features?

Web builders offer lots of features, but many are irrelevant to your audience’s needs. And while some are relevant, there’s often a lack of practical assistance available to help you get started using them. Getting set up and using these fancy features can be challenging. If you’re serious about your online identity, you need a real live person to help you determine which features are best for your business and successfully implement them.

2.  CODE

The web has many coding languages and portals for viewing content. With the ever-changing landscape of the internet, you need a reliable, stable, and secure platform for your site. Using a team of people who specialize in a long-standing software can be of huge benefit to you. An experienced team has up-to-date and inherit knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, what’s changed, and which solutions currently fit your needs.


Analyzing your traffic stats, load times, and uptime monitoring all takes skill—especially if you want to leverage this information to build your business. Not to mention, the rules of SEO are rapidly changing all the time. Gone are the days of easy links and Google baiting. Pop up websites cannot keep up with the trends and changes.


Anyone remember HTML graphics? What about IE7? Things that were once cool and the latest-and-greatest are now irrelevant and no longer supported. Don’t get stuck with something that will make you look outdated and behind the times. If your site needs to attract visitors, you need to make sure it’s up-to-date and has the right tools to grow.


Yes, there’s a reason those quickie sites are cheap. And there’s also a reason why some offer free hosting.

Shared hosting is poison for a site, especially a site that wants good traffic. Your users will experience down time and will be susceptible to your “neighbor’s” traffic and loading issues. Just imagine an apartment complex comprised of one bedroom apartments, and inhabited by college freshman….your rowdy neighbors will affect you.

While free or shared hosting looks appealing and sounds OH SO GOOD, it is waaaay too good to be true.

If you’re serious about your business, then get serious about your online presence.  Find a team who can help you present a professional presence on the web.

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