Five Ingredients of Successful and Happy Business Owners

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re already a business owner or perhaps you’re just starting out. Running a successful business is rewarding to be sure, but it’s not an easy task.

One of the challenges that many owners face is finding a work-life balance. Many people get so laser focused on building their company that it quickly starts to consume all of their thoughts, leaving room for little else. Thus, they are no longer a “happy business owner.”

As you focus more and more on your company, there’s a risk of losing focus on the truly important things; like your significant other, your kids, your extended family, and yourself.

The good news is, there are some easy ways to combat “entrepreneur burnout” and retain your happiness while still building a business that works for you, your family, and your customers.

Start Your Day Right

Don’t check your email first. Just don’t. Rather than start your day reading what others want from you, why not start it by doing something for yourself?

Whether that’s sitting outside and listening to the birds, taking the dog for a walk, or hitting the gym, starting your day with an activity that you enjoy is a great way to start the day.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

As you grow, there will be baseline features and processes that every Internet-based businesses will need to adopt. Sometimes the entrepreneurial mind has the tendency to want to build these solutions from scratch, rather than explore what’s available that you can use and then adjust to fit your specific needs.

Rather than spending your time building your own proprietary solution, sometimes it’s best to utilize something immediately that will get you 90% of what your business needs in order to continue moving forward.

Delegate and Trust in Others

Take a queue from a popular Disney princess and “let it go.”

One of the mistakes I’ve made more than once is to try and control every aspect of my business personally. People thought I was angry all the time. I wasn’t. It was just the unintended scowl that I wore because of being stressed and overwhelmed trying to keep track of every little aspect of the business I was building.

Once I learned to “let go of the reigns” and trust in others to get the job done – and most of the time, much better than I could have ever done myself – I instantly became a happier person. Both with my work colleagues and with my family.

Build with Automation as a Goal

This is a step that took me a long time to take, but once I did, it increased my happiness factor immensely. No matter what your business is, there is always room for automating one or more tasks to lighten your workload.

For example, one task I have automated with all of my Internet-based businesses is email.

You’re probably familiar with email marketing and Autoresponder emails, but have you actually taken the time to set these up, to use them to your advantage? If you haven’t, you should.

Email automation is useful for a variety of business reasons. Everything from building trust and warming leads, to affiliate offers and special discounts based on the previous behavior of your subscriber.

There are other ways to automate your business too. Something many people neglect to automate are software and security updates regarding their websites. We can help with that of course.

Schedule Time Away…Regularly

This is the big one. Even if you do nothing else I suggest, please do this.

Sometimes our lives become so busy that we find ourselves trying to squeeze in work during every available moment. I’ve actually found myself running to my laptop at commercial breaks during the one TV show my wife and I watch together – trying to squeeze in something work related.

As you can guess, nothing of any importance can really be done in 5-6 minutes and what happens is that when I go back to the living room, I’m feeling more stressed because I didn’t accomplish anything and I am worried about squeezing in more next break. See the cycle?

This type of thing was happening all the time until I wised up and started scheduling time away from the digital pull of business tasks. Whether it’s heading to the beach, jumping on your bike, or even a local overnight hotel stay, taking time away from your daily routine will help you to reduce stress and be a happier business owner.