PressNomics 2016 Conference Highlights

We’re excited to kick off 2016 with some great conferences, including one of our favorites—PressNomics! Our team headed west last week to Arizona to attend PressNomics 2016. One of the highlights of the conference was meeting with folks face-to-face whom we typically only get to see online in the WordPress space. (We also enjoy hanging out with our own team in person.)

Showing the New Valet Face…You do What?

One of the exciting parts of PressNomics this year for our team was showing folks how we’ve changed and grown as a web agency. Being able to talk A LOT about how we’ve evolved to folks, and adjust their understanding of Valet was great. It’s still a surprise for some companies when they hear we do UI and UX design, custom website Audits and full custom website development. Of course, we’re still passionate about ongoing, iterative improvements to websites, and providing ongoing monthly support for our ever-growing client base.

It was an incredible boost to hear how much people liked our new branding. Seeing our GIANT sign felt really good. (You couldn’t miss it!)

UI and UX design, website Audits & custom website development 1


Valet Swag: Helping You Travel in Style

Our swag was also a lot of fun and was really well received. We skipped the typical t-shirts (though a few lucky individuals did score those) and opted for something more practical. One of the ways PressNomics is unique is that speakers and sponsors mostly fly in from other locations. (While a WordCamp audience is typically local to the conference area.) Since the PressNomics audience comes from all over the map, we wanted to acknowledge that—while also showing off our new brand a bit.

Ultimately, we went with really elegant luggage tags. Made from two different colors of leather and hand-stamped by a fantastic contractor, Porter Leather on Etsy, we couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out. We hope attendees enjoy a unique way of spotting their own bags when navigating the airport.valet ux and ui design pressnomics luggage tags

Talks We Appreciated

The talks at PressNomics are not your typical conference talks for business, which is a great change. We appreciated that topics that were focused on ‘Taking care of yourself’ and other whole person subjects. (There is life beyond our jobs?!) Seriously, this is one area where Josh & Sally from have always excelled. The topics are real, the speakers are authentic, and they’re presenting from experience, not theory. That’s always been true at PressNomics. The ability to focus on topics that can be considered “sensitive” is a result of the impressive history of the 4 years of this event.

Valet at PressNomics - UI and UX design, website Audits & custom website development

Botanical Gardens & Golfing Outings

Another thing we appreciated about this year’s PressNomics 2016 conference was the great outings the organizers scheduled. Not hanging out in the hotel the whole time was refreshing. Our team parted ways, some of us opting for the golfing outing and some of us heading to the gardens. We loved how time for this was built into the conference this year.

Valet at PressNomics - UI and UX design, website Audits & custom website development desert

The Gardens were awesome for showcasing the beauty of the desert, and we’ve shared a bunch of photos from James & Mason over here.

The golfing team had one thing on their mind: winning. Matty joined up with Syed, Thomas, and Chris to create an incredible powerhouse. They finished 9 under par and were able to head back to the hotel early and enjoy some leisurely time after dominating the course.

And of course at the end of the day, it’s all about the amazing people we connect with in the community. We made some amazing memories riding Go-karts inside GoDaddy’s offices, and hanging out with incredible people like Corry & Ptah. We also were challenged to ‘level up’ our game with great conversation with Kariim from CrowdFavorite, Ben & Bart of FlowPress, Syed from AwesomeMotive, and Michelle from Marktime Media. Michelle summed up the spirit of the community and the PressNomics event quite well here.

Valet at PressNomics - UI and UX design, website Audits & custom website development -team

We’re going to be hanging out at a lot of events over the next year, but we’re already watching our inboxes for announcements for PressNomics 5. Thanks again to our awesome partners at and the hard work of Josh and Sally to bring this all together.