Valet Has Survival Advice for WordPress Users Concerned They’ll Be Hurt by Upcoming CMS Editor Changes

WordPress – a website-and-blog publishing system used by millions – will soon roll out a radical revamp of its content-management editor. The changes are expected to be so extensive that most current WordPress users will likely struggle to adapt, so WordPress website management services agency Valet is offering a free, downloadable eBook to help them quickly get up to speed.

A list of recommendations to help WordPress users successfully adapt to dramatic – and potentially disruptive – changes planned for the popular website-and-blog publishing system’s content-management editor is now available for download at no cost from Valet, a leading WordPress services agency, Valet today announced.

Valet’s recommendations come in the form of a short, easy-to-read eBook authored to explain why the WordPress CMS editor they’ve grown accustomed to using is soon to be done away with and replaced by one radically different in appearance and operation.

The eBook also lets WordPress users know there are steps they can take right now to minimize or entirely avoid serious problems affecting their CMS processes and workflow once the new editor rolls out later this year.

The eBook is titled “WordPress 2018:  Major Changes Coming Soon.” It is available free of charge here

“We prepared this eBook so that WordPress users can have a clear picture of what’s in store for them and can properly prepare themselves for it,” said Valet CEO Kimberly Lipari. “We want WordPress users to understand how the planned overhaul of the WordPress editing experience will alter the way they work.”

Lipari advised WordPress users who download the eBook to keep it handy as a reference during the months leading up to the release of the new editor. Lipari said WordPress is believed priming the new editor for its debut in the second quarter of this year.

“The extent to which the new WordPress editor impacts you will depend on the size and sophistication of your organization,” Lipari said. “It will also depend on your website’s existing code and tools. However, for many users, the impact could be substantial – enough so that it may require a substantial rethinking of their tech stack.”

Since its introduction in 2002, WordPress has grown to become the world’s most popular CMS, Lipari remarked

“There are some 75 million WordPress websites currently in existence, and users publish content to them at least 70 million times per month – so it’s certain that a lot of people are going to be impacted by the change in editors,” she said.

The new editor is the result of collaborative efforts undertaken over the last several years by the WordPress development community, Lipari noted.

“They’ve for the time being codenamed the new editor Gutenberg,” she said. “We have a beta version of it, and I can tell you that its user interface is much cleaner than the current iteration. It will give users enormous new flexibility. It also will make complex CMS tasks far easier to perform – for example, to add content, you type it or paste it into empty blocks which you then drag-and-drop where you want them positioned on your web page.”


Lipari said the WordPress development community has jettisoned all of the current editor’s coding and replaced it with coding she described as “remarkably innovative.”

Lipari added that her company recommends WordPress users take time now to evaluate their existing WordPress work environment as a preliminary step in laying the groundwork for a smooth and successful transition to the new editor.

“Because the new editor has not yet debuted, this is an ideal time for users to consider revamping their entire WordPress setup,” she offered. “That’s what our eBook encourages users to do. At Valet, we take seriously our role as WordPress experts. We want WordPress users to be in a position where they can get out in front of what’s about to happen to the content-management world as they knew it.”


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