The Right WordPress Host is One that Supports Your Website’s Health

Choose the right WordPress host if you want your website to be one that people love visiting.

The right WordPress host is not necessarily the best WordPress host.

Why does the hosting company you use matter? Because the right one helps keep your website’s health in the pink.

And if your website brims with good health, that means few or no problems with security, speed, and usability.

Also, it means few or no problems with traffic and conversions.

Hey! Did those last two lines sound to you like a shout-out to the five tiers of Valet’s website health pyramid? It did. Because it is.

The website health pyramid deserves a plug here because that’s the name of the game—website optimization.

And the field on which that game is played is the one supplied by the hosting service you choose.

As such, it’s vitally important that you pick the right WordPress host.

Not necessarily the best WordPress host—but definitely the right one.

Valet makes a distinction between the best and the right host.

Valet believes the WordPress host right for you might not be one judged by experts as best of the breed.

So, in order to choose the right WordPress host, you must figure out which one most completely meets you needs.

Your needs. Not the experts’ idea of the needs of the many. Just yours and yours alone.

The Right WordPress Host for You

At a minimum, your needs will include the items on the bulleted list below. When shopping for a WordPress host, make sure your candidates can deliver om each of the following:

  • Security
  • Speed
  • Usability
  • Up-time reliability
  • Ease of WordPress and app installation

OK, now that you know why you must choose wisely, it probably makes sense to walk through the various hosting choices available.

Note that each type serves a different set of foundational needs.


Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting means your WordPress site resides on a big server occupied by a number of other sites. Think college dormitory.

Because of the shared environment, server costs get spread around. That means you can look forward to paying a reasonable price for the hosting service.

However, restrictions usually apply to shared hosting. For example, you might get hit with extra charges or other penalties when your traffic tops a set limit. Or speed might go down if your or other sites on the server draw too much traffic.

Despite the restrictions, shared hosting appeals to WordPress newcomers. They find it a low-cost, low-risk way to get started. But seasoned WordPress users also like shared hosting if their site is small or attracts few visitors.

Managed WordPress Hosting

In a managed host situation, your site resides on a dedicated server in a server farm. Think leased condominium.

As part of the bargain, the host takes care of things like backing up your site and keeping an eye open for hackers. Also, the host tells you if the changes you make to your site help or hurt its performance.

But managed means expensive. That makes this a hosting option worth exploring only if you own or manage a fairly big and/or busy WordPress website.

WordPress Dedicated Server Hosting

This is the same as managed hosting except minus the managed part. Basically, the host puts your site on a dedicated server but then you must do all the backups, security monitoring, and performance analysis yourself.

Choose dedicated server hosting if you or someone on your team know sys-admin stuff. Dedicated server hosting is not for amateurs.

And as with managed hosting, dedicated server hosting is the right WordPress host for big/busy sites or blogs.

WordPress VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. What you get here is a partitioned physical server.

The partitioning divides this one server into many. But from your vantage point, your site resides on a server of its very own. Think riding on a New York subway at rush hour with your eyes closed while wearing headphones and listening to an audio of Caribbean waves gentle lapping the shore of a secluded sandy cove.

As with dedicated server hosting, you should only embrace VPS hosting if you or a member of your team possesses techie skills. Strong techie skills.

Also, beware of potential performance problems. Go back and read what it says about shared hosting, the part about speed loss. Same deal here with VPS hosting.

Free WordPress Hosting

You can have your site hosted by some providers at no cost.

Think sheltered bus stop because companies offering free hosting usually make you accept banner ads on your site. That’s how they can afford to let you use their servers at no cost. They cover the cost of hosting your site by selling ad space on your real estate.

Site visitors find banner ads annoying. So much so that it often leads to unacceptably high bounce rates. You need to factor that into your decision about whether free hosting makes a good fit for your site.

So, looking at the big picture, you clearly see that a number of WordPress hosting options await you.

It should come as no surprise to you that Valet holds a variety of opinions about each of them.

In general, Valet believes that some hosts are better than others.

But Valet also believes it’s not so much a matter of is your host good, better, or best. The main thing is your host has to be right for you.

Want help locating the right WordPress host? Then please reach out to Valet by using this email address.