Valet is the Happiest Organization in Professional Consulting Services.

How do we know? TINYpulse told us!

We’ve been long-time users of TINYpulse, a workplace survey software that anonymously measures team happiness. TinyPulse has been a fantastic tool that has given our team the ability to provide feedback on issues that can be difficult to talk about, as well as give us questions to ask that we wouldn’t have thought to ask otherwise.

TINYpulse has been featured in Inc., Forbes, and other top publications sharing tips on employee happiness and retention. They’re a strong supporter of culture and clarity in the workplace.

We got a surprise email from Tyler a couple of weeks ago letting us know that we topped the list of Happiest Organizations in Professional Consulting Services in their database!

Image of man gesturing with an award for Happiest Organization in Professional Consulting Services.

My name’s Tyler Adams and I work in PR in TINYpulse – and I have great news!
Valet won a TINYaward for Happiest Organization in Professional Consulting Services. TINYaward, big accomplishment; less than 1% of eligible organizations win. There’s no selection committee, just stats – for your award, the criteria is simple: Organizations with the highest average Happiness Scores in 2018.

Tyler Adams, TinyPulse

Queue the party streamers! We got a fantastic badge from TINYPulse that we’ll be sporting on the website soon!

This award means so much to us as a company. The best thing you can have to support your business is a happy team. I think we nailed that!

Every single one of our team members that took the time to fill out the weekly surveys has made this happen. By giving them a place to provide honest feedback and candid responses we were able to support a culture of honesty and happiness. They work so hard each day to be kind and productive, and as evidenced by this award, they are GREAT at it!

Cheers to the Valet team, who make our Professional Consulting Services great! This one’s for YOU!