Accessibility Assessment



Accessibility monitoring and remediation. We partner with the Accessibility experts at Equalize Digital to uncover all of the accessibility errors on your website. Valet then steps in to work on remediation efforts at a pace that works for you.


Title III of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that all online entities, not just government and educational institutions, meet WCAG Accessibility guidelines to “ensure that all people have equal access to goods, services, and communication”. If you’re not working towards meeting these guidelines, you are at risk for fines or even predatory lawsuits. Currently the court rulings favor those who have a continuous record of working towards compliance, so we’ve created a package that will protect you but not break the bank like typical full scale audits and remediation agencies do.


Paid manual assessment through Equalize Digital to thoroughly assess and compile a list of WCAG violations and improvement opportunities. Ongoing monthly payment plan to work on remediation at a cost and schedule that works for you. Ongoing scanning during and post remediation to ensure you stay up to date on changes to WCAG and are alerted to new accessibility needs for your website as it grows and changes.