About Valet

Many of the most successful companies you’ll find in any space are those that were born out of a need. Agencies and organizations that grew from a natural connection between those that needed help and those that wanted to help. Valet falls into this category.

Our story began with small to medium sized business owners who weren’t WordPress professionals and others who needed the burden of technical website management taken off of their hands. We were enlisted to assist in a wide variety of tasks and projects that made great use of our skills and relationships within the WordPress community. As time went on we matured our business model in response to our clients requests and needs. To this day we continue to let our experiences with our clients and understanding of the growth in WordPress to drive our service offerings and company values.

One of the greatest lessons we’ve learned from our clients is that not all websites and the organizations that use them are created equal. It’s easy to think you can standardize care and development of website infrastructure but that has not been our experience in over 10 years of working in this field. The Valet approach is built around the fact that there are many aspects to translating a client’s business and goals into interfaces that showcase who they truly are.

Valet’s vision is to create a unique and human approach to website management and challenge the stigma of support and development by being deliberate, thoughtful, and empathetic.

We Value:

Integrity Demonstrated through honesty in action, attention to detail, adherence to process.

Objectivity Releasing assumptions and bias in favor of facts. Requires open-mind and self-awareness.

Communication Clarity and transparency with purpose. Educate, inform, and inspire.

Ownership Accountability to self and team. Collective representation of work and contribution to goals.

Valet’s internal processes and company culture reflect these values via our training and community involvement. We hire passionate individuals with a wide range of experience both within and outside of WordPress. This gives us a unique perspective on incorporating the whole client identity into the work that we do.

We have long time relationships with the creators and developers of popular tools and services. It’s not uncommon for us to have a friend or agency rep dedicated to helping us with priority support or performance access. You can read more about our team and their involvement in the WordPress and OpenSource community on our Team page. We have a global presence that volunteers, educates, and integrates into the community of WordPress that supports 40% of the websites on the internet today.