Identify issues and solutions


Sometimes your site is slower than it should be, or your error logs fill up with cryptic messages. The Valet team developed three diagnostic tools to help solve these problems:

Site Speed Assessment

This review assesses First Contentful Paint, Speed, Largest Contentful Pain, Time to Interactive, Total Blocking Time, and Cumulative Layout Shift on both Desktop and Mobile. We make basic changes to improve your speed scores and recommend additional improvements if possible.

Plugin Review and Recommendations

The code quality and compatibility of plugins vary greatly. Your site may have 2 or 3 active plugins intended to perform the same function or a large, poorly coded plugin. Our plugin review identifies plugins that can be removed or replaced with better options giving you a more stable site with fewer technical issues.

Deep Dive Assessment

The Deep Dive Assessment is our most comprehensive audit. It assesses security, speed, usability, traffic & conversion, and the general health of your WordPress installation. The assessment provides a summary of recommendations and actions recommended for your site.

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