Can I host a video on my WordPress website?

Short answer: yes, you can host a video on your WordPress website. You can try to upload it through the Media section under WP-admin. And that might work depending on the size of the video file, timeout values of the server, and max upload limit. In case you are trying to upload a larger video file, or a video of better quality, you will probably need to use a SFTP client and upload it directly to the server.

Should I host a video on my WordPress website?

No, never. Adding videos to your WordPress server is a bad idea, and one of the biggest downsides is that it can use plenty of your website bandwidth. Every time someone uses that video link for other pages, the bandwidth is multiplied.

So what should I do?

Adding a video to YouTube or Vimeo will help with your overall search appearance, as that video will be indexed by YouTube/Vimeo, and these are also excellent search services.

YouTube and Vimeo Logos

The quality of a video being uploaded on YouTube/Vimeo can also be lowered or increased. As it’s based on your internet speed and preferences.

Finally, embedding a YouTube or Vimeo video to your WordPress website is the easiest way. You can just copy/paste it and you’re all set.

Have more questions?

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