Do you need to update your website footer?

New Year is behind us. It is that part of the year when we make New Year’s resolutions and spend time with our loved ones. This is part of what makes the New Year special. This time of year, we pay attention to the things that matter most. But what about your website?

It also needs love, and the website footer is one of the first things to check after the New Year. Why does that matter? When your readers notice an outdated year in the footer, they might think your website content is out of date. It’s a small thing that can do a lot of damage, but really really easy to fix. Go ahead and take a look. It is usually located next to the copyright at the very bottom of the webpage.  

So one of the first things you should do after the New Year holidays is to check the year in the footer of the website or any other place that might have it, and make sure it reflects the new year. 

How do I update my website footer?

The new year will be populated automatically if the footer is configured properly.  When the year is hardcoded, you will need to change it, likely under the footer template manually.

To take a swing on your own at making the year update automatically in the future, check out the following tips:

Locate the year in the correct template (usually the footer) and add the short PHP code snippet below. This will check the server year and ensure your website displays the correct year at all times.

<?php echo date('Y'); ?>

Here is how it looks from the theme editor.

Pro Tip: Do not forget to create a backup before you make any changes:  

Under the Appearance Editor, on the left side menu in the WP editor, look for a submenu titled Theme Editor. Open your website footer php template

In case you do not see it under footer.php, check widgets. To display it dynamically, you might want to use shortcodes.  

in the Appearance menu of the WP admin visit the Widgets submenu

Some themes have this under theme settings >> Copyright Text:

Check under the 'Theme Settings' for your custom theme

I hope this tip has been helpful! Drop us a line at hello@valet dot io if you have any questions.

Happy New Year!

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