Looking Outward + Robert Band, Finance Expert

Perspective is everything. This phrase is typically used to refer to an inward journey. The way we see the world colors everything we do. So, ensuring we have a healthy sense of what we are looking at or how we are seeing is important. Equally important to looking inward, is looking outward.

Looking outward involves taking a moment to look up from whatever you are focused on to see what’s around you. Becoming an observer instead of the participant.

Outward and Upward

We spend so much energy and time in actively applying our skills, we sometimes forget to come up for air. This poor practice puts us in a very closed state of mind. We aren’t absorbing anything new when we are closed. There is no growth.

Moving from a closed, participatory role to an observant one is important. As an observer your brain automatically switches to learning mode. This flexes different muscles in your brain than execute mode. As we get farther down our career paths we sometimes forget to exercise both of those muscles. Taking a moment to look outward, to become an observer, is more important as time goes by.

I found myself forced to look outward many times in 2019. Tackling projects outside of my realm of knowledge. Not having a very deep Finance background I found myself looking outward to learn from others who were more learned than I am. During this time I had the fortune of meeting Robert Band, a financial expert who had just moved to Colorado.

Robert was looking outward as well and that resulted in an exchange of thoughts around our respective industries. I really liked the idea of cross communicating about something outside of my normal WordPress and website sphere, so I asked him to do a quick interview. He kindly agreed.

Want to refresh your list of ways to find inspiration?

Robert Band Interview

You can find the interview below. Pardon the quality of the video. I figured a little technical difficulty of the day wasn’t worth keeping the content from anyone.

You can view Robert’s interview of me about Website Health here.

If you’d like to reach out to Robert, you can find him via the information below:

I’d love to hear about a time you have looked outward and found something unexpected and rewarding on the other side.