Embracing the New WordPress Editor

I’m writing this post in the new WordPress editor. We’ve been testing it for a while now on client sites and have adopted the BETA version on our own. We’ve been testing for breakage and compatibility and making plans for what comes next for those that don’t pass the tests.

Code-named ‘Gutenberg’, this innovation in WordPress publishing is causing a stir in the same fashion as its namesake. There are many emotions and discussions that have surfaced since the original announcement last summer. This is inevitable, expected even, in communities that rally around open source ideals. Communities that boast the passionate and thoughtful individuals, like those in WordPress.

As a company, we had to put aside our individual thoughts on all the discussion taking place around the new editor and decide how to move forward as a team. Valet has plenty of opinions and ideas around what works, we’ve literally built an entire website health hierarchy on those opinions. We put our clients first in every scenario, this is no different.

We’re embracing the new editor along with all the challenges and opportunities it represents. At the end of the day, the only thing anyone discussing this needs to commit to is whether they will try or not to make this work. 

The WordPress ecosystem has experienced quite a bit of growth and attention over the last decade. The markets for tools and managed hosting have exploded. The percentage of sites on the web using WordPress today is at an all-time high, at 32%. That sort of growth attracts attention. It also attracts scrutiny and competition. Other, simpler website building platforms like Wix, are quickly evaluating the weak spots in the competition and closing the gap with easy to use features and really clean user interfaces. WordPress has got to innovate to keep up momentum and showcase its true potential.

I’m not the right person to say whether the editor change was a good choice or whether it’s going to be successful. In my experience, you never find the right answer without trying any answers at all. We’re ready to try this out and see, along with everyone else, what the best version of this new editor will be.