Announcing the Launch of TreatingPain!

For the past six months, our Custom Development Team has been nose to the grindstone working on the new TreatingPain website. We are currently on a happy high after launching the new custom theme for this valuable website.

TreatingPain helps people across the USA find solutions to their pain. Their site educates visitors on treatment options and makes it effortless to find nearby specialist doctors.

Newly Branded Theme, User Interface & Content Management
TreatingPain came to our Custom Development Team for guidance on their WordPress site, and really for a complete overhaul on their online experience. They had a list of things they needed—including a better user experience, extensive content management, a modern looking theme, better SEO, an easy-to-use admin for staff, and the ability to grow. Our team delved in 100% and studied their user experience and their business goals. The site we delivered far surpassed the client’s expectations, and we’re proud of the work.

Closing Thoughts
If you find yourself wanting to turn your website into a powerful tool for user acquisition, get in touch with our Custom Development Team. With more powerful business intelligence than ever and a talented team of designers, product managers and developers, the WP Valet holds an exciting opportunity for your business.

Check out the TreatingPain case study on our site to see everything we delivered for this client. Or download the Treating Pain case study today.