Should Your Web Developers Be Available by Phone?

We’re all familiar with the nightmare that can be working with a web developer on a project. You talk to someone on the phone and via email. They really seem to understand how to build websites. The pricing matches your expectations. And so, not having many clear expectations, you agree to the build—paying half up front and reserving half for delivery. One month turns into three, with little or no visible activity.

When Web Developers Aren’t Available

Sadly, it’s a familiar story

When the site is finally ready, there are several things you don’t like. The functionality doesn’t work as expected, and a few things are just plain broken! You continue to push to meet with your contact and go over unresolved issues. But it becomes clear: this person is not the one actually coding your website. The actual developer is someone offsite that you’ve never spoken to. They’re very busy with “multiple projects”. And there’s no indication that they understand how important this broken piece of the site is to your business. Your contact is kind and apologetic, but clearly they’re not the person to get your project across the finish line.

I’ve heard variations of this story probably a hundred times. It’s devastating to hear someone has invested a huge portion of their income in building a dream, only to get a completely inadequate product delivered. If anything at all.

The Valet Web Development Experience

Here at Valet, there are several incredible ways that our custom development and support teams ensure your project is handled appropriately. We provide full transparency on all the work being done and report whether we’re on track. And crucially– communicate who is actually doing the work. Your web development project team is available to you on the phone, in email, or in live chat, throughout the project.

Communication from Start to Finish

All of our development projects start with a kick-off call. From our side, you can expect:

  • A dedicated creative director,
  • A designer,
  • A project manager,
  • A front-end developer,  and
  • A back-end developer.

Depending on the project, you may have multiple developers or project managers on the call. The idea is that everyone should participate in crucial moments (such as the beginning) of a project. And be continually available to speak to the work they’ve done. Once a week, our custom development clients get on a call with the entire project team. This way, everyone is in the know throughout the project.

Worth Every Minute of Our Time

We’ve seen time and again that having all the web developers on an initial call with the client makes a real-world difference in the eventual product. It cuts down on the ‘translation’ that can happen when a vision gets passed along from person-to-person within a company (remember the old ‘telephone game?). Our entire team participates in the vision, getting it straight from the source. Frequently this results in the front-end developer creating a unique action. One that really breathes life into a gorgeous design. Or results in the back-end developer knowing just a little more about the end-user. Making it possible for them to fine-tune the interface to speak more to that user.

Custom Development: Includes Weekly Client Calls

Our developers, along with the rest of the team, are on the phone regularly. All of them are ready to speak about the work they’ve done and the progress required for completion. Joining in on the phone calls throughout the project creates real accountability. Weekly, each client hears from our developers. They provide updates so that minor course corrections are easy. This keeps us agile and ensures the final product build meets all criteria for success.

A New Way to Work

Let’s say goodbye to the dark vacuum of radio silence with no updates from a developer. With today’s technology, a remote company can be more available and engage as part of your own team.

Here’s what Nico Secunda, a recent custom development client, said after working with our team on a project for 8 weeks:

I truly appreciate the great work everyone put into this project and the amazing way it flowed so smoothly. I’m extremely happy with everything and excited to start promoting Video memberships and to expand our content. I look forward to continuing to work with you all. Once again, thank you. You’re an amazing, kind and extremely capable team. It’s refreshing to work with such a great crew, and it’s a pleasure to know each of you.
—Nico Secunda

Maybe you’ve had a poor development experience before and are ready for something new. If that’s you, I encourage you to reach out. Tell us about your business goals. We’re ready to listen, and we’ll bring the right people to the entire conversation.