WordPress Events in 2024 That Should Be On Your Radar

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The best way to stay on top of the latest happenings in the WordPress world is to be a part of the diverse and ever-growing community. This year, there are a ton of exciting WordPress events lined up, each with unique opportunities to learn, connect, and grow. Whether you’re a developer, a designer, a content creator, or simply someone who loves WordPress, these events are the best places to learn new things, meet new people, and stay one step ahead of the game. These are the most anticipated WordPress events of the year, both online and in person. Mark your calendars; these are the WordPress events you won’t want to miss.

Virtual Events

In 2024, the WordPress community will keep on using the power of virtual connectivity. Virtual events have become a regular part of our lives, making it easier for WordPress fans worldwide to take part. These events offer more than just webinars and lectures. They have interactive workshops, networking sessions, and live Q&A sessions. This is great because you don’t have to leave your house to attend and you can learn a lot while having fun.

WordSesh: WordSesh is a highly respected virtual conference that caters to the WordPress community. It features a wide range of topics, including advanced development techniques, creative WordPress uses, and the latest industry trends.

The conference is primarily aimed at WordPress professionals and developers. It is renowned for its detailed technical talks and hands-on workshops, making it an excellent opportunity to learn and develop within the WordPress community. Participants can get involved in live-streamed presentations and interactive sessions, providing real-time engagement and Q&A opportunities with the speakers.

WPCampus Virtual Conference: This online event is all about using WordPress in higher education. You’ll learn about content strategy, site management, accessibility, and security in the academic context. It’s basically a big learning opportunity for web experts, educators, and higher education administrators who use or want to use WordPress. They’ll have virtual workshops, keynote speeches, and panel discussions, so there’s lots to gain from attending.

North America

The WordPress community in North America is planning a series of events in 2024 that will showcase unique blends of web development, design, and content creation. These events will celebrate local culture, offer innovative sessions, and provide networking opportunities for attendees to connect with professionals who share similar interests.

WordCamp Pheonix 2024: WordCamp is a worldwide event that brings together WordPress enthusiasts to share knowledge and learn from each other. This event features various speakers, workshops, and community-building activities, making it one of the largest WordCamps globally.

If you attend this event, you will gain in-depth insight into the latest developments in WordPress. You will also have the chance to connect with a diverse community of WordPress professionals and participate in contributor days. By participating in these events, attendees can contribute to WordPress by fixing bugs, testing patches, and improving documentation. This event offers an excellent opportunity to network, learn, and grow as WordPress professionals.

WPCampus: We mentioned the possibility of attending the event virtually in the previous section, but you can also attend it in person. The event includes workshops, presentations, and discussions, making it ideal for educators, administrators, and web professionals in academia.


Europe’s WordPress community is known for its vibrant and diverse events, offering a mix of technical workshops, innovative discussions, and networking opportunities:

WordCamp Europe 2024: Europe’s largest WordCamp is an upcoming event that aims to be a center of learning and collaboration for WordPress enthusiasts. The event will feature many top WordPress professionals who will present a variety of informative sessions that will inspire, educate, and empower.

The WordCamp will be an excellent opportunity for anyone, regardless of their skill level, to deepen their knowledge of WordPress. The event will feature engaging workshops, interactive sessions, and informative panels. You can expect to learn about various topics related to WordPress, such as website development, design, content creation, and much more.

WordCamp Porto 2024: WordCamp Porto is an upcoming event that will be an immersive experience for WordPress enthusiasts. The event is designed to cater to developers, designers, marketers, bloggers, and everyone in between. It will offer a variety of workshops, talks, and activities that will focus on both technical and creative aspects of WordPress.

Participants can attend workshops that will provide in-depth information on WordPress development, design, and customization. The technical seminars and workshops will be conducted by experts in the field and will cover topics such as plugin development, theme development, and server management.

For those interested in the creative aspects of WordPress, the event will feature talks on content creation, branding, and marketing. Participants will learn about content strategy, brand identity, and social media marketing.


The WordPress community in Asia is rapidly growing, and it has become a hub for professionals from across the region to share ideas and learn about the latest advancements in WordPress technology and creativity.

WordCamp Asia 2024 (March 7–9):

This event is a significant gathering for WordPress enthusiasts in Asia, offering various sessions, panels, and workshops. It’s an excellent platform for networking, learning about new trends, and understanding the WordPress market in Asia.

WordCamp Kansai 2024 (February 23–24):

This WordCamp is specifically designed to highlight the dynamic WordPress community in Japan, with a diverse group of speakers from both local and international backgrounds. The event will cover a wide range of topics, from technical development to content strategy.

These Asian WordCamps play a crucial role in showcasing the varied perspectives and innovative ideas of the global WordPress community.

Why Attend WordPress Events?

Going to WordPress events is more than just acquiring knowledge. It’s a chance to meet new people, share experiences, and learn new skills. It’s a complete and exciting experience that can help you grow both personally and professionally. 

Professional Development: These events offer a mix of workshops, talks, and panel discussions that cater to various skill levels. They are great for learning about the latest WordPress features, development practices, and industry standards.

Networking Opportunities: Attending these events offers an opportunity to connect with peers, industry leaders, and potential collaborators, and build a professional network while seeking mentorship.

Community Engagement: These meetups showcase the strength and diversity of the WordPress community. They provide opportunities to contribute to open-source discussions, exchange experiences, and learn from others’ journeys.

Inspiration and Ideas: The events often inspire new ideas, perspectives, and collaborations.

These events are like the heart of the WordPress community that brings everyone together. They offer super valuable experiences for all who are involved in this space.

Each WordPress event provides a unique opportunity to dive deeper into the platform. From local meetups to international conferences, there is something for everyone. Whether you want to improve your technical skills, explore creative content strategies, or connect with the dynamic WordPress community, these events have got you covered.

We encourage our readers to participate actively in these events as attendees and members of the global WordPress community. By sharing your experiences, learning from others, and contributing your unique perspective, you enrich the community and help shape WordPress’s ongoing evolution. So make sure to attend as many events as you can, and we hope to see you there!